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"You start on a tiny island with almost nothing and quickly start unlocking and collecting resources, expand their island, combat monsters, then create farms, and explore all their options." Skyland is a Skyblock server that is made up by tons of premium and custom plugins! The server also offers giveaways to voters in our discord server. We will be looking forward to seeing you! IP: Version: Minecraft Java 1.8.8 - 1.16.4 Discord server: Join our discord server for more info! ------------------------------------------------------------------ List of features on Skyland: ⚡Leveling System (Mining, Foraging, Farming, Combat, Fishing, Enchanting, Alchemy, Taming) ⚡Attributes (Health, Defense, Strength, Speed, Crit Chance, Crit Damage and Intelligence) ⚡Jerry ⚡Working Minions ⚡Fairy Souls ⚡20+ Unlockable Trades ⚡300+ Unlockable Collections ⚡200+ Unlockable Recipes ⚡800+ Quests ⚡Discoverable Zones ⚡Colosseum ⚡Bank System with Interest ⚡Auction System ⚡Auction Displays ⚡Dark Auction ⚡Runic Table ⚡Runes ⚡Custom Mobs ⚡Custom Pets ⚡Player Profile on Right-Click ⚡Player to Player Trades ⚡Custom Enchants ⚡Item Combining ⚡Custom Report System ⚡Custom Items ⚡Friend System ⚡Replay System ⚡Talismans ⚡Bank Upgrades ⚡Talisman Bag ⚡Potion Bag ⚡Arrow Bag ⚡Custom Crafting Table ⚡Custom Crafting Preview ⚡Custom Ender Chest ⚡Player Settings ⚡Emojis ⚡Seasons ⚡Potion Effects ⚡Reforging ⚡Gambling Drinks ⚡Bosses and more exclusive features that aren't listed up here!

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